Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

The Kew Bridge Steam Museum was a new find for me. A place that any steam and/or machine junkie should visit when in London. Skip the overcrowded tourist spots and seed out the fun stuff!

I love this photo of Nic.

The boys riding on the museum's fun little steam train.

Kel and I beside the engine. Apologies for my "yikes" hair. Apparently there had been a great wind storm that day.

We stumbled upon all of these funny little contraptions outside. We wondered what they were for.

Hhhhmmmm, looks like Kel has an idea...

Ah ha -- water play!

Soaking wet.

Getting other children wet.

Here is Kel, inside the museum, building an engine in the children's play area and explaining to me all about how it works.

Taking a break from building to admire and watch one of the big steam engines in action.

The big steam engine. One of many at the museum. They were gorgeous.

Trying to figure something out. He was really in to the workings of everything here.

Hands on experimentation.

The old pump tower outside of the museum.

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