Sunday, April 06, 2008

And then, if you can believe it, there was "Night Seaworld"

Yes, "Night Seaworld", a special weekend treat. Kellan had seen the ads for the night time shows and festivities on each of our many previous visits and had begged to stay late, so we decided to make a late night of it today. It definitely lived up to his expectations and made for a special and exciting visit to Kel's favourite San Diego destination: Seaworld. We arrived home a bit after 10pm, tired, but very happy. Both of us.

Here is Kel watching the "roldercoaster" ride, Journey to Atlantis. He refused to go on this during any of our visits, but he loves to watch the boats come down that hill and screams as if he were right there with the riders!

One of his favourite exhibits, the Penguin Encounter.

Back to the sharks. With a new penguin buddy in tow. That would make two whales and one penguin who leaped from the shelves and into his arms with a high pitched, "I need you! I need you to take me home!". At which point Kel looks at the adult present with big sad eyes, saying, "He needs me. Did you hear him? He chose me..." He's got that one well figured out.

Kel being a shark. Eyes closed, but it was still a keeper. Every kid who grew up going to Seaworld has a photo in front of these giant shark jaws!

And on to the pièce de résistance of "Night Seaworld", the Shamu Rocks show. Here is Kel eagerly awaiting this special presentation.

Which pretty much consisted of whales doing tricks in the dark. With a peppy soundtrack and colourful video show.

All topped off with fireworks of course. Staying up super late, walking around Seaworld in the dark, watching the Shamu Rocks show, and staying for fireworks -- what more could a Kellan want? For that matter, what more could his mother want? It was a fun evening. And now I'm off to Wikipedia to find out how on earth whales and dolphins sleep...

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