Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Visiting the Red Rocks

Red Rock Canyon State Park is located just down the road from my sister's house. Here we were able to hike, play, and appreciate the amazing landscape formations and vegetation in the park. Kellan loves Joshua Trees. He is absolutely nuts for them and was so happy to finally have a photo of himself and, you guessed it, a Joshua Tree! Notice the incongruous beautiful day and everybody wearing jackets. It wasn't necessarily cold in temperature, but the desert wind was blowing up a storm and made it feel chilly to the skin. That old wind chill thing.

Blowing away!

Interpretive dance moves? Reminiscing about the ostrich farm? Its anyone's guess.

Happy faces being pelted by blowing sand.

A few landscape shots. It was gorgeous...

If you click on this panoramic shot to enlarge it, take note of the two small dots, one larger and blueish in colour, the other barely discernible, climbing the sand on the far right hand side of the photo. That was Mom and Kellan!

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