Friday, April 04, 2008

You'll never ever guess where we went today

Unless you guessed Sea World, and then you'd have guessed correctly! We truly cannot get enough of this place.

Showing off our bag of caramel corn to Daddy, the Popcorn Hater. You can't complain about it because you're not here enjoying the sunshine with us! Ha ha.

We spent a lot of time today at Shipwreck Rapids. Not riding the ride, but shooting the people! Once Kel found the water cannons that you could use to absolutely drench the riders as they floated past, we were there for half of the afternoon. Literally.

Back to Kel's favourite show, "Pets Rule". Early again in order to get our front row seats. Good excuse to relax with a frozen lemonade while we wait for the show to begin.

Kel hanging out at Wild Arctic. He spent almost an hour watching the beluga whales today. They even had some trainers in the water showing off a few beluga tricks. I didn't realise that belugas did tricks. Learn something new every day.

Kellan in the Shark Encounter. I love his face. He is in awe every time that we go in. And we went in many times today. Each time that we would exit the exhibit, he rushed back around to the entrance so that we could do it again. And again. And again...

The dolphin photos just aren't meant to be. This is the best that I could do. I have to be right there holding Kel up at the wall, so I can't get back far enough for a photo, or he'd be back down on the ground and there would be no photo. Its a tricky situation. That requires two parents. Two parents enjoying the sunshine and all of the fun that San Diego has to offer. Are you listening, honey? Can you pet dolphins in Springfield? Can you do anything fun in Springfield???

Dolphins in the background. Kel making funny faces. I did try.

Back in the aquarium with all of the Dorys. He loves this tank.

We'll end on a goofy face. He desperately wanted a photo with these guys in the background (chambered nautilus), but the reference light on the camera was "too bright" and he ended up with eyes closed in every single photo. This face was the final attempt, asking him to please just keep his eyes open even if the light was bright. It will be good for future girlfriends if nothing else.

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