Thursday, April 03, 2008

Playing at Balboa Park

First, a quick apology/excuse: I didn't realise that my camera was in the wrong setting (from a quick Sea World shot at the end of yesterday) and thus was not adjusted correctly for the bulk of these photos. Oh well, got a few cute ones, and as always, this is our memory book, shadowy faces and all.

We spent the day at Balboa Park. We actually played at the park in the park! Gorgeous day. After some fun in the sun, we went to the train museum and the science center, broken up by a picnic at the fountain. In photos we have the park and a couple from the science center. Sometimes its nice to be a part of the action rather than constantly looking for the next photo op. We had a lovely day together.

Kellan and Emily.

Kellan met this little guy, Matteo, at the science center. They played together for ages. Which, considering that one spoke English and the other only Spanish, was quite remarkable. They adored each other, right down to the matching outfits! Kellan worked out a system and communicated using his basic Spanish skills, a whole lot of gesturing, and general boy signals. I think that "boyness" translates across all cultures.

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