Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Day at the Midway

Kellan is finally old enough to enjoy one of San Diego's big military attractions, the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, so I thought that we'd spend part of a day there, then walk along the waterfront, ride the carousel at Seaport Village, do a bit of shopping, etc. Yes, well, we went to the Midway. We spent the entire day at the Midway. Never underestimate the power of navy ships and airplanes to capture the imagination of a little boy.

In order to get over to the city and the museum, we rode the ferry from Coronado. Always a fun and scenic way to travel into town.

The red tongue is a result of fruit snacks. No worries.

On the deck of the Midway. This thing is huge. They call them "floating cities" and they're not kidding! I have no idea how the men find their way around the lower decks.

Kel got to try out flying lots of different helicopters, planes, and fighter jets. Every boy's dream come true. Is the thumbs up thing just a natural boy reaction to guy stuff?

Sitting all the way up top of the carrier. This is the navigator's chair. You could see everything from up here!

I love that sign behind Kellan. Join the Navy and, well -- a bit suggestive, eh?!

Not quite big enough to join up yet.

Kellan and new pal, Edward. They've already been exchanging emails since parting company yesterday afternoon.

One final thumbs up. A great day was had by all. Well, by most. Well, ok, by Kel, but I always enjoy watching him enjoy himself!

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