Friday, April 18, 2008

The newest American

Today was Nic's big swearing in ceremony. He is now an American citizen. I haven't noticed a difference yet. He's still the same old snarky Englishman that I fell in love with.

The ceremony was held at the Old State Capitol building. Here's my handsome guy just moments before his change in nationality.

The ceremony was held in the Representative's Room.

This was the actual swearing in. The new Americans are taking their oath of allegiance.

Here is Nic receiving his certificate from Judge Scott. To his left is Congressman Shimkus who was present today.

Its official! A new American. Does he look any different? Other than it being a blurry photo!

Short video from the end of the ceremony. Nic is down in the bottom right corner.

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Dillman Family said...

Congratulations Nic!!!