Sunday, April 06, 2008

Old Time Photos

We were reminiscing over the old photo albums this morning, so I thought that it would be fun to post a few scans of me at Kellan's age.

We had our own bedrooms after we moved to San Diego, but I still woke most mornings to find Amanda cuddled up in bed next to me.

And for some more fun, here are Mom and Dad in their younger days. I love these. Kellan's favourite is "Grandpa doesn't have a shirt on".

To break the already nonexistent lack in continuity, here's a bit of the in between. Beginning with Mom when she was pregnant with me. On vacation in Florida it seems.


Traveling on the ferry to the Isle of Arran.

At our cabin in Lake Tahoe. I'm pretty sure that I didn't like snow even then!

In Canada with my cousin, Christopher. Everybody says that Kellan is the spitting image of Christopher, who looks just like our grandfather. Christopher is a couple of years older than Kel is now in these photos, but you can see the resemblance.

Visiting family in England. My cousin Allison trying to take me for a dip. Not having a lot of success.

My grandparents. What is Mom feeding me?

Family beach party. You can see why Mom preferred her life in California! I'm in the middle there digging in the sand.

My baptism day.

The family love of trains. Though my face looks as though somebody may have stuffed me in there for the photo!

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Jenn said...

What great pics! Isn't it great fun to look over old pictures? I just did that with my family a couple of weeks ago. I posted a pic on my blog of me when I was a little younger than my Kell, and it looks just like him! So funny. Looks like you are having a great vacation!
Keep having fun!