Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sea World: take two

We can't get enough of this place. Sea World again. And we'll be back once more before the trip ends. Today's absolute highlight was the dolphins. We got to feed, pet, and play with them. They are such beautiful animals. Kellan was so enamored that he even forgot to complain about the dead fish as food (which stopped his sea lion feeding short on our last visit). Unfortunately, I was so busy helping Kel and petting the dolphins myself, that I didn't get photos of the fun. You'll just have to use your imagination.

Kel's absolute favourite show at Sea World is called "Pets Rule". Otherwise known to Kel as "The Cat Show". Dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, and other animals put on a great display of animal intelligence and training. He has been running around all evening singing, "Who Let the Dogs Out" complete with barking. Here he sits with Grandma, waiting for the show. You may notice that we arrived early. So that we could get front row seats. And so that Kel could stop asking us every five minutes (since our arrival at the park!), "Is it time for the cat show now???". The show was at 2pm. Seriously.

I grabbed the camera to try and get a quick shot of the dolphin experience. Didn't happen. As you can see. This was Kel requesting another fish from Grandma (the holder of the fish) while one dolphin moved on and another moved in for some pets.

Kellan checking out the ice wall in the Wild Arctic exhibit.

Belugas! My favourite. I think. Or maybe the orcas. Or the dolphins. I can't pick!

Kel loves the aquariums. Photography inside the aquariums is kinda pointless.

I don't think that you can really see it unless you know, but enlarge this one and have a close look at that fish he's pointing at. "Momma, its Dory!". And, indeed, it was.

Just had to include a photo from the Shark Encounter. You go through a tunnel that is surrounded by the shark tank. Kel exclaims, "OH!" and points every two seconds. He loves it. This was just one of the sharks swimming above our heads.

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